Song:  Broadway, Here I Come

Writer:  Joe Iconis

Performer:  Krysta Rodriguez

It’s a shame that the quality of this video is mediocre, because this performance is so damn good.

Seems like the Broadway fandom is all over Jeremy Jordan and his version of this on Smash, which you can watch here (, which, fine, he is a talented performer and kudos to him.

But man, talk about a difference in attitude.  Jordan’s interpretation as Jimmy is so jazzy and orchestrated.  He sells it like a crooner, until the big chorus where he vamps it up.  It’s a deliberate choice made by him and the Smash team and whatever.  He is singing his heart out and if the lyrics speak to you, you can fall in love with it.    This is more packaged to general American tastes, I bet.  Handsome man sings sad song really well = emotional $$$

BUT BUT BUT I think Krysta’s interpretation is more heart-breaking.  Musically, I prefer just the piano for accompaniment.  The mood is quieter.  Krysta plays it fragile and scared and unsure and defiant.  Her triumphant conclusion is stronger for her growth over the course of the song.   She is portraying a vivid person that you can see and empathize with.  You want to celebrate with her at the song’s finish.

TL;DR Jeremy is singing, but Krysta is singing AND motherfucking actingAnd that is what makes good cabaret.   I love her so much.

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